Tovarskl was a terrestrial planet in Wild Space and a colony world of the Yam'rii.


During the Huk War, Grievous led his Kaleesh elites and forces as far as Tovarskl in their bloody campaign of conquest, before the Yam'rii beseeched the Galactic Republic for help and Jedi arrived to halt the conflict.

As the Clone Wars raged, after being rebuilt as a cyborg and becoming the Supreme Commander of the Separatist droid army, Grievous commanded his new legions of battle droids back to Tovarskl where he finished what he had started before, annihilating the Yam'rii population. Grievous also killed Master Puroth and Nystammall on the fire-grass plains of Tovarskl, taking their lightsabers as trophies.

Behind the scenesEdit

Jason Fry confirmed that, contrary to the Kalee article in The Essential Atlas, Tovarskl is in a separate system than Kalee, like represented on the Pentastar Alignment map.[3]



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