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"We have created a bomb for you to use. Fly down and fire up your tow-cable!"
―Ralltiir scientist to Red Squadron[src]

Tow-cable bombs were explosives developed on Ralltiir by Rebel-sympathizing scientists during the Galactic Civil War. As the name suggested, they were bombs created specifically to be carried by any vehicles carrying harpoon and tow cables. The bomb's explosive charge and yield was powerful enough to total an entire bridge upon impact.

During the Defense of Ralltiir, the various Ralltiir scientists developed a bomb in anticipation of Red Squadron and the Rebel Alliance to arrive at the planet to aid them in the oncoming blockade and onslaught from Imperial forces, and gave them the okay to fire the tow cables to deliver them to blow up the various bridges into the city to prevent the Imperial ground forces' arrival into the city.