Han: "Everybody likes to feel smart, so when you show them you think they are smart, they tend to take you at your word."
Allana: "And taking our word is the same as taking our bait?"
Han: "In this situation, yeah. When Daala sees us making a straight-up speed break, she'll think we decided there's no use trying to trick her. And then do you know what she'll do?"
Allana: "Send everything she has to catch us?"
Han: "That's right. And that's when your grandmother will slip away in the Gizer Gut."
―Han Solo, explaining the workings of a Toydarian double-reverse spinner to Allana Solo[src]

The Toydarian double-reverse spinner was a tactic wherein one party would assume their opponents were aware of their plans. The first party would then do something to make the other party believe that they've successfully figured out the plan, thereby making them careless and overconfident.

In 43.5 ABY, Captain Han Solo used the tactic on Chief of State Natasi Daala when he and Allana Solo, along with Barabel Jedi Knights Zal, Wilyem, and Dordi, created a distraction to draw Galactic Alliance attention away from Leia Organa Solo, who was smuggling four maddened Jedi prisoners off of Coruscant in the Gizer Gut. Solo flew the Millennium Falcon and proceeded to break every procedure for departing from the planet, attracting the attention of Galactic Alliance forces in orbit. By departing so haphazardly, Solo reinforced into Daala the belief that the Jedi knew she was aware of their plans to smuggle the prisoners out, and were making a run for it. Making the Galactic Alliance forces believe that the prisoners were aboard the Falcon, Solo led them into a fruitless chase while his wife, in the ship that actually carried the prisoners, quietly slipped offworld.


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