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The Toydarian royal delegation was a commission of individuals from the planet Toydaria. Led by King Katuunko, the delegation met with Jedi Master Yoda on behalf of the Galactic Republic, to negotiate a possible alliance between the Toydarians and the Republic. The meeting was supposed to take place in the Outer Rim on Rugosa, a moon not far from Toydaria. However, before Yoda could rendezvous with the delegation, Katuunko was approach by an emissary of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress. Sent by CIS leader Count Dooku, Ventress attempted to waylay Yoda with a battalion of battle droids while she presented Katuunko with the Confederacy's own proposal, one that offered both solidarity and protection from her superiors. Yoda managed to defeat Ventress' automatons with the assistance of the small contingent of clone troopers that accompanied him to Rugosa. Impressed, Katuunko declined Dooku's proposition, in favor of Master Yoda's offer to align with the Republic.



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