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The Toydarian royal guard were soldiers assigned to defend the King of Toydaria.


Two Toydarian royal guards guards were assigned to protect King Katuunko during negotiations with the Galactic Republic on the planet Rugosa. They were wary of the assassin Asajj Ventress who arrived to persuade Katuunko to join the Separatists, yet did not attack her. However, when Ventress was ordered to kill Katuunko, they rushed to defend him but failed and were knocked unconscious. They awoke later and, along with Jedi Master Yoda, Katuunko and several clone troopers, boarded a Republic gunship.[3]

Later, other guards attempted to protect King Katuunko from the assassin Savage Opress when he landed on Toydaria to capture Katuunko and take him to Count Dooku. All of the present guards and Katuunko perished in the assault.[1]



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