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Tra'Parr'Sratt was a male Coynite warrior who worked for the Twi'lek crime lord, Abdi-Badawzi. He was a close friend of Kaine Paulsen. When Kaine's wife was dying, Tra'Parr'Sratt helped deliver Kaine's son, Drake, whom he dubbed Lom, as a Coynite term of endearment.


Notes and referencesEdit

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  2. Tra'Parr'Sratt's age is given as 72 in "Out of the Cradle", which is set in 3 BBY according to The Essential Reader's Companion. This gives a birth year of 75 BBY via the application of simple mathematics.
  3. The Essential Reader's Companion places "Out of the Cradle" in 3 BBY

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