A TracSheet was a document used both by the Galactic Empire and the New Republic to record charges against active criminals in the jurisdiction of that government. TracSheets were distributed either in a limited area if the offenses were considered to be unimportant, or in a wide area if the crimes were severe, in any case to any member of a police force.

A TracSheet included information such as the name, species, sex, height, age, description and one image of the fugitive, the criminal activities and charges against that person, and details on the criminal's modus operandi. The TracSheet commonly also included a recorded utterance of the individual to provide an insight on the outlaw's mind. Each TracSheet had a unique code including eight numeric characters, a hyphen, four alphabetic characters, a hyphen, and five to six numeric characters. Some TracSheets were used as a basis to post a bounty.

Known persons with TracSheetsEdit


Shenir Rix's image as shown in her TracSheet.