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Trace was a clone commando and the small-arms expert of Ion Team in the 22nd Air Combat Wing during the Clone Wars.


In 19 BBY, Trace served as a member of the Ion Team led by Climber. During the assault on the shield generator, he accompanied Bol Chatak and Padawan Olee Starstone, while Climber secured the generator. Later, when the clones received orders from Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to execute Order 66, commanding them to eliminate the Jedi, Trace, along with the rest of Ion Team, refused to execute the Jedi and decided to help them escape. Trace and the other members of Ion Team ambushed Commander Salvo's attempt to carry out Order 66, Ion Team used electrostatic charge detonators to disable the electronic systems in Salvo and his men's armor and weapons. When Darth Vader came to Murkhana, the Sith Lord accused the team of treason against the Galactic Empire.

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