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This article is about the seeker droid series. You may be looking for the Twi'lek named Seeker, or the seeker fighters used in the New Sith Wars.
Alien2 - GG11
A seeker droid immobilizes a target.

The term seeker was a nebulous term used to denote a small, repulsor-driven second-degree droid that usually carried out either a courier, scout, or assassin role. Remotes were also sometimes grouped into this category.

Seeker droids were characterized as being small, fast and proficient in only one task. These droids were also known to be single-minded in the completing of their task.

Arakyd was one of the most well known manufacturers of seeker droids.

The Fromm Gang used seekers to guard their territory,[1] as well as mines.[2]

Examples of seeker droidsEdit

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