"I'm reading a power surge in the cruiser's missile array."
Jinkins to Nym[src]

The Trade Federation Cruiser was a type of wedge-shaped capital ship utilized by the Trade Federation Droid Army around the time of the Clone Wars. The cruiser possessed several laser cannons but used cruise missiles as its primary weapons. One was destroyed in 22 BBY by the Lok Revenants.


The cruiser was wedge-shaped in appearance, with gray hull plates and a ridge along the rear of the ship. The ship's primary weapons were its banks of cruise missiles, while the rest of its hull was lined with several laser cannons.


"Nym, that cruiser is right above the base!"
Kole to Nym[src]

In 22 BBY, one such vessel was used by the Trade Federation to attack the Lok Revenants, who were struggling for control of the Karthakk system. The pirates were besieging an installation on the Khons moon over the planet Lok. The cruiser came out of hyperspace, and commenced launching a series of cruise missiles at the pirates. At the time, the pirates were constructing an Orbital Defense Cannon for use against surface targets. Despite a glitch in the cannon's targeting system, the pirates were able to destroy the cruiser before it could destroy the cannon.

Behind the scenesEdit

This cruiser first appeared in the 2002 video game Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter.