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"Our security volunteers will be no match against the battle-hardened Federation Army."
Captain Panaka[src]

The Trade Federation Droid Army,[4] also known simply as the Federation Army,[1] was a private, automated defense force maintained by the Trade Federation[5] to protect its valuable shipments[3] from piracy.[5] It was used by the Trade Federation to invade the planet Naboo[1] and was later incorporated into the Separatist Droid Army during the Separatist Crisis.[3]


During the final decades of the Galactic Republic, the Trade Federation, a wealthy interstellar trade and shipping conglomerate,[6] was allowed to maintain a private, automated defense force[5] at a time when the galaxy was ostensibly at peace, citing the need to protect its valuable shipments[3] from piracy. However, few in the Galactic Senate had any real understanding of how powerful their battle droid army was, and those who did know were paid handsomely to look the other way,[5] resulting in peaceful civilizations and worlds without military defenses becoming easy targets for invasions by the Trade Federation.[2]



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