The Trade Federation Occupation Council, also known as just the Occupation Council, was a legislative body established in Theed on Naboo by the Trade Federation following the successful Invasion of Naboo.


The Trade Federation Occupation Council comprised several high-ranking Neimoidians, including Viceroy Nute Gunray and his lieutenant Rune Haako, Viff Almay, Zill Kartay, Kund Ekorr and Hap Brehg. The Council was focused on maintaining control of Theed and the Federation's occupation of Naboo as a whole, temporarily taking the place of the Royal Advisory Council.

When Queen Amidala and her followers confronted Gunray in the royal palace, four members of the Occupation Council were in attendance. The Council was later arrested and sent to Coruscant for trial when Amidala forced Gunray to sign a treaty, effectively ending the Federation's occupation of the planet.



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