Trade Federation Research Station

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"Trade Federation forces dead ahead. Protect the settlement."
―Naboo commando to Lt. Gavyn Sykes[src]

This research station was operated by the Trade Federation some time after the Invasion of Naboo. It was used to research the next generation of battle droids. The facility was effectively destroyed following a raid by the Royal Naboo Security Forces.


The research buildings were surrounded by a high wall and guarded by laser cannons. The entire facility sat on an island.


Security Forces raid

After acquiring intelligence on the facility, a contingent of the Royal Naboo Security Forces led by Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes raided and seized the facility. While the commandos downloaded the data, Sykes used his N-1 starfighter to defend them, as the Trade Federation was not taking the raid lightly. The Federation sent a C-9979 landing craft full of battle droids to retake the station. A number of droid starfighters engaged Sykes while scores of B1 battle droids on STAPS harassed the defenders. Eventually, the overwhelming forces drove the commandos to call for an evacuation. A Consular-class cruiser landed on the remains of the station and recovered the commandos and the data. Droid starfighters pursued the fleeing ship until it reached escape velocity. With the Security Forces driven off, the Trade Federation was free to retake the station.


When the data was analyzed, it was found that the Federation was building a super battle droid. It was also decided that the trade organization would have to be watched.

Behind the scenes

This research station appears in the 2000 video game Star Wars: Battle for Naboo during the first bonus mission. The mission is unlocked after acquiring all bronze medals during the campaign or through the use of cheat codes.


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