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The Trade Tariff Service of the planet Corellia was a government organization that had its offices in the Government District of the capital, Coronet City. During the Battle of Corellia, the forces of the Sith Empire invaded Coronet City, and Moff Tarandon recommended that the Sith Lord Darth Decimus establish his headquarters in the Tariff Service's offices, as the building's function was now obsolete and enemy forces would likely attack the nearby Legislature Building rather than the office tower. Decimus agreed, and his forces quickly converted the building into an Imperial fortress known as Decimus's Rise; the few officials remaining in the building upon the Imperial incursion either fled the offices through any means possible or pledged themselves to the Empire.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Trade Tariff Service was first mentioned in the Codex entry for Decimus's Rise in Star Wars: The Old Republic, a video game released in 2011.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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