"It's because we work and we work and we don't get greensick. No other mining village on Lanteeb can claim that. They don't know our secret. Not Chukba, not Endvo, not Deebin, not even Trahn."

Trahn was a Damotite mining village located on the planet Lanteeb. During the Clone Wars, Lanteeb was occupied by the Confederacy of Independent Systems and Trahn and the rest of Lanteeb's Damotite mining industry was forced to supply the Separatists with large quantities of the ore, for use in a Damotite bioweapon that was being developed by the Confederacy. However, the inhabitants of Chukba were at a disadvantage to those of the rival mining village Torbel, because they did not possess knowledge of how to avoid suffering from the effects of Damotite poisoning.