This article is about the mutants created through the Stygian Art. You may be looking for the Trailian sithspawn or the technobeasts infected by the nanogene spore.

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At some point after the Battle of Mindor during the Galactic Civil War, a group of technobeasts were created on the planet Trailia by a Dark Side Adept known as Cronal. While residing on Trailia, Cronal spent years experimenting on the native inhabitants using his Stygian Art, a technique derived from a combination of Sith alchemy and the power of mechu-deru. As a result of these experiments, a number of Trailians were transformed into mutants called technobeasts. The Dark Side Adept eventually traveled away from Trailia with the finest of his creations, taking refuge on the world of Corsuscant. After doing so, Cronal was forced flee with his life when a subject of his cybernetic experiments—Irek Ismaren—grew unstable, sacrificing the Trailian technobeasts to ensure his survival.[1]


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