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Trandosha, also known as Dosha, was an arboreal planet located in the galaxy's Mid Rim and the homeworld of the Trandoshan species. It was orbited by Wasskah, a verdant moon, and was positioned in the same star system as Kashyyyk, the homeworld of the Trandoshans' fierce rivals, the Wookiees.


Trandosha,[5] also known as Dosha, was a planet[3] located in the Kashyyyk system,[1] a single star[2] system that was positioned in the Mid Rim's Mytaranor sector.[1] It was orbited by Wasskah,[3] a verdant moon,[6] and neighbored the planet Kashyyyk,[7] which was located in the same system.[6]

A temperate world of thick jungle and forest, Trandosha was considered to be hunter's paradise.[4] The world had a greenish hue when viewed from space and large, white clouds that loomed over the planet's marbled surface.[8] Trandosha was the homeworld of several species, including convors,[3] birds with prehensile tails that were popular pets on many worlds,[9] and momongs,[3] small six-limbed[8] carnivorous[9] primates,[10] both of which could also be found on Wasskah.[8]


Trandosha was the homeworld of the Trandoshans,[3] sentient reptilian humanoids who were renowned for their hunting prowess[11] and allied their world with the Galactic Republic.[4] They had a fierce rivalry with the Wookiees, a sentient species that was native to the neighboring world of Kashyyyk.[7] Trandoshans from Trandosha included the salvage ship captain Gha Nachkt,[5] the bounty hunter Bossk,[6] and the big game hunter Garnac.[12]

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Trandosha was first mentioned in "The Prize Pelt: The Tale of Bossk," a 1996 Star Wars Legends short story written by Kathy Tyers[13] and featured in the anthology Tales of the Bounty Hunters.[14] It became canon when it was mentioned in a featurette that was included in Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Complete Season One, a box set available on Blu-ray or DVD that included the entirety of the first season of the canon animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars[5] that was released on November 3, 2009.[15] Trandosha was the main setting of the original script of "Padawan Lost,"[3] the twenty first episode of the canon animated series The Clone Wars' third season,[8] but was later moved to Wasskah,[3] the planet's moon.[3] Despite this change, the world was still seen, but not visited, in the final version of "Padawan Lost"[8] and in "Wookiee Hunt," the twenty second and final episode of the The Clone Wars' third season.[16]


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