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Hapan Battledragon

Hapan Battle Dragons near the Transitory Mists.

"Who dimmed the blast-tinting?"
Han Solo[src]

The Transitory Mists was a region of ionized space that surrounded the Hapes Cluster. They inhibited travel to and from that region, thus allowing for the isolated development of the Hapes Consortium and the hiding of their piratical ancestors, the Lorell Raiders. A few routes through the mists were known, however they were kept secret among the Hapan pirates who originally traversed them. This region finally opened itself up to the wider galaxy during the early days of the New Republic in the wake of Isolder's marriage to Teneniel Djo.

After the Jedi Order abandoned their base on Endor, they stationed themselves in the Mists on the world of Shedu Maad.

The Knot Holes was an area within the Mists; Telkur Station was located within that region.



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