Travot was a fake engineer stationed aboard the Nebula Chaser who was contrived by Alema Rar and Numa Rar in order escape the ship when it was boarded by Yuuzhan Vong.


When the Nebula Chaser was boarded by a group of Yuuzhan Vong who were hunting for Jedi with a voxyn, the Rar sisters disguised themselves as slaves and on their way to the Nebula Chaser's escape pods, made a show of trying to find the fictional engineer before being stopped by a Yuuzhan Vong warrior, who inquired where they were going.

Numa informed the warrior that she was trying to find Travot, who she said worked in the ship's coil room. A Yuuzhan Vong officer joined the warrior and ordered the sisters to return to their room, but they told him it was impossible, since certain parts of the ship were locked down. When the Yuuzhan Vong brought an engineer to verify Alema and Numa's story, Alema used the Force to persuade the engineer that Travot did exist, though worked with a work crew other than that of the engineer's. Alema and Numa then were allowed to continue onward to their objective with the warrior as their escort. However, the voxyn managed to track the sisters down and Alema was ultimately the only one of the pair to escape from the Nebula Chaser alive.


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