Trayl Caltos was a male who served as a Lieutenant in the Royal Naboo Security Forces on the planet Naboo during the waning years of the Republic Classic era.


Following an attack by criminals on a plasma-producing factory in Theed, the capital of Naboo, using illegal heavy weapons, mass hysteria developed among the planet's population. The planetary government hired a group of mercenaries to investigate the source of the illegal weapons and Caltos was appointed to be the mercenarys' contact within the Royal Naboo Security Forces. Caltos offered the mercenaries 2,500 credits to stake out a warehouse on the outskirts of Theed, which was believed to be the source of the weapons. He also told them that the criminals responsible for the illegal weapons were the Corellian Kal Jorek and the Defel Frizz. He then gave the mercenaries a short range comlink, which they could use to contact him.

While the mercenaries investigated the warehouse, Caltos and some of the soldiers he commanded came under fire from a group of thugs, who were working for Jorek and Frizz.

The mercenaries defeated and captured Jorek and Frizz, and Caltos arrived at the warehouse, to take custody of the criminals. He then paid the mercenaries, for successfully carring out the job.