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Kashyyyk trees

Wroshyr trees on Kashyyyk

"They say that the Force flows in the sap of forests like these."
Thi Xon Yimmon visiting Toprawa[src]

A tree was a type of plant. Large numbers of trees formed forests and jungles on many arboreal worlds throughout the galaxy. Trees were a source of wood, and were often covered in protective bark,[1] both of which could be extracted for numerous uses by various individuals. Some trees, such as the veshok trees of Mandalore yielded sturdy durable wood, while the wroshyr trees of the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk, were known to grow to immense sizes. Strange trees were a type of trees and they could be found on a number of planets. They were a source of carbon. Twisted tree was a species of tree found on planet Zaloriis. These trees were an abundant source of carbon.

Trees were usually deeply rooted and strong, and connected to the larger force of nature, yet they bowed and shifted at the promptings of wind and weather.[2] While the greatest trees could withstand external attack, they were susceptible to rot from within.[3]

Arboreal species lived among forests and trees and were specially adapted to tree living.[4]

Notable species of treesEdit

  • Pine trees were a type of tree found on planets such as Naboo, Krant and a number of others.[source?]
  • Wroshyr trees of Kashyyyk grew to enormous sizes, and covered large portions of the Wookiee homeworld due to the terraforming performed by the ancient Rakata. It was very common for Wookiees to make their homes and other dwellings in the branches and canopies of wroshyr trees.[5]
  • Veshok trees were native to the planet Mandalore, and although they grew slowly,[6] veshok trees covered much of Mandalore's northern hemisphere.[7]
  • Galek trees were another tree originating on Mandalore. The silver-leaved Galek trees were capable of living for centuries, and grew tall over the years.[6]
  • Kuvara trees were native to Qiilura, and agriworld that tended orchards of the trees for their fruit.[8]
  • Manax trees hailed from Neimoidia, and were planted across the purse worlds of the Neimoidians.[9]
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