Treeg was a Zabrak male Republic Army major stationed on Quesh during the Cold War and the key strategist and main aide of the General Korvan. Treeg disagreed with Korvan's approach to the Sith Empire's invasion of Quesh, which centered around the defense of the planet's venom mines and workers; Treeg believed that a direct assault would quickly end the invasion. In the end, Korvan's tactics proved effective and the Empire's troops were routed; however Treeg was approached by the Sith Lord Magras, and he decided to defect to the Empire so that his talent could be recognized. With his help, Magras captured Broga Masrii, head of the Three Families, but soon arrived a Republic individual that defeated both Magras and Treeg and liberated the Hutt. Treeg was then arrested and put on trial for treason.

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