"So then, Captain Bex...Do our security arrangements meet with your approval?"

Tregor was an Imperial Army officer stationed in Pyramid One on Ahakista which housed the Hub, a supercomputer which coodinated the vast Imperial Navy. In 0 ABY, he cornered the Imperial agent—turned Rebel sympathizer Rasha Bex while she attempted to disable the energy field protecting the Hub as part of a joint initiative by the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Ahakistan rebels. Overcome by lust, he attempted to coerce Bex into having sex but she resisted and a scuffle ensued. However, Tregor, using his bigger size, was able to overpower Bex. He was in about to rape her when he was caught in a surface-to-air missile attack fired by Rebel agent Dunlan. During the subsequent explosion, he was incapacitated and apparently killed, allowing Bex to escape.


"Oh no. You're staying right here. Unless you'd like to make it worth my while."
―Tregor attempting to coerce Rasha Bex into sex[src]

Tregor was stationed as the commanding officer of the grid power control station on the tenth floor of Pyramid One. On that fateful day, the Imperial spy—turned Rebel-sympathizer Rasha Bex arrived at his station disguised as a Captain doing flash checks as part of a new security initiative brought in by Darth Vader. In reality, Bex was there to sabotage the power control station as part of a coodinated attack by the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the local Ahakistan rebels.

When Tregor express his skepticism, Bex responded by claiming that any lack of compliance would be reported. With Tregor out of the way, Bex approached the power generator controls and disable the energy field protecting the Hub. However, she was quickly caught in the act by a suspicious and lecherous Tregor. Burning with lust, Tregor made obscene gestures including putting his hands on her shoulder. When she told him to get his hands off her, he reiterated his suspicion for her true purpose in the building and attempted to coerce her into having sex.


Tregor fighting with Rasha Bex

With her cover exposed, Bex pushed away his hands and kicked him in the lips. Taking advantage of his own bigger size, Tregor quickly regained the upper hand and wrestled her to the floor. He was in the process of raping her on the spot when he was caught in an explosion that incapacitated him. On the run from Vader's troops, a wounded Dunlan had fired a surface-to-air missile at the power generator. With the power generator destroyed and Tregor presumed dead, a shocked Bex made her way out of the station.

Personality and traitsEdit

Tregor was a keen observer of suspicious activity due to the high-security risk involved in his station. However, he also displayed a lecherous and lustful nature towards what he perceived as good-looking and attractive human females. This was evident in his attempts to seduce and subsequently rape Imperial agent—turned Rebel sympathizer Rasha Bex. Ultimately, this proved to be his demise as he was killed during a rocket attack while in the process of raping Bex.

Behind the scenesEdit

Tregor first appeared in Brandon Badeaux's and Rob Williams's comic Rebellion 9: The Ahakista Gambit, Part 4, released in August 8, 2007 by Dark Horse Comics. He also appeared in its sequel Rebellion 10: The Ahakista Gambit, Part 5 by the same authors and publishers. These comic issues were later published in the Star Wars: Rebellion: Volume 2: The Ahakista Gambit. This comic is so far his only appearance.


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