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The Treka Horansi, a subspecies of the Horansi species, native to Mutanda, were the "commoners" of Horansi society, and were the workers.

Treka stood on average 2.3 to 2.6 meters. Their fur varied in a golden-brown tone, but it always bore the large, black rosette spots which they were recognized for. Treka Horansi were the foundation caste typically called commoners. While the Gorvans ruled over them, and the Kasa protected them, they were of prime importance to the fief.

It was they who grew the food, built the buildings, and tended to the semi-domesticated chattel. They created their own guilds among the fiefs, and their master-craftsmen easily became renown across the planet, and off-world as well. Because of the Treka and their talents, there was always something to trade, as well as food to keep the storehouses full.

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