Lady Trevael was a Sevari spice lord in the mountainous Northern Frontier of the northern hemisphere of Sevarcos II during the Galactic Civil War. She and her people operated spice mines autonomously, preferring not to make any deals with the Galactic Empire.


Trevael was the leader of a clan on the northern hemisphere of the planet Sevarcos II. Her clan operated spice mines. Her people were rugged and preferred to mine the spice themselves in order to avoid interference by the Galactic Empire that wanted her to use prison labor to mine.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Trevael was a beautiful Human female who had a serious manner about her. Her dark beauty had a persuasive impact on those who met her, and she was able to use her appearance to keep her mining operations autonomous from Imperial entanglements.[1]

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Trevael was talented with her flashpistols as well as her wind rider. She would compete in various wind rider races that were held on Sevarcos II against other clans. She was also deadly with a vibroblade and she would not hesitate to jump into battle if one of her ships fell under attack.[1]


Trevael carried a flashpistol and a vibroblade with her. She also owned the Carsunum Chariot that she would use in wind rider races.[1]


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