"How many Imperial officers does it take to order dinner? Five: one to check the menu for violations of Imperial regulations and four to beat the serving droid into submission. Hah!"
―Sir Trevas Jotane[src]

Sir Trevas Jotane was a handsome man with blond hair who was in his late twenties when he attended the Unification Gala held prior to the Battle of Endor. He appeared to be a Knight of House Calipsa but was in fact an ISB agent. He was outspokenly anti-Imperial which he used to test for possible traitors.

Trevas Jotane was an obsessive ISB operative. He undertook his assignments with a fanatical fever that sometimes even frightened his peers within the ISB. His devotion to the New Order, however, made him a particular favorite of his superior, Brak Dunell.

During the Unification Gala he had been assigned to observe Adana Vermor, an Imperial Economic Advisor, who was suspected of leaking data to the Rebel Alliance.