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"The Empire sent troops here right away. So a bunch of Ussans decided to peacefully occupy the defense system in protest. He was inside when the tower blew up. Boom. Bye, Dad."
―Trever Flume, speaking of his father's death[src]
"Old friends in your heart, new friends on your shoulder."
―A life lesson given to Trever by his father[src]

Trever Flume's father was the father of Trever Flume. He was killed right after the Clone Wars ended. A doctor during the war, he lived on Bellassa and worked in the city's defense department. However, Imperial troops arrived after the end of the war in 19 BBY, wanting to take over the defense system. When the people protested, including his eldest son Tike, the Empire blew up the tower, killing Trever's father and Tike.