"I'm a loyal Midli. More than that, I'm the Queen's own bowlcarrier."

Trevik was a male Quesoth Midli who lived in the Red City on the planet Quethold. In 8 BBY, Trevik was appointed as the bowlcarrier of the Queen of the Red, the Quesoth leader, which was the highest position available to a Midli. In an attempt to deceive Grand Admiral Thrawn of the Empire of the Hand, the alien warlord Nuso Esva, an ally of the Queen of Red, arranged for Trevik's brother Jirvin to manipulate Trevik into becoming a spy for Thrawn. Despite having misgivings, Trevik eventually agreed to Jirvin's proposal and he used a holocam to record an art collection that Esva had put together to mislead Thrawn, who possessed an ability to discern military tactics of commanders from viewing their art collections. Thrawn realized that Esva was trying to trick him, but he went along with Esva's plan and launched an attack on Quesoth. Despite having been in on Esva's plan, the Queen of the Red felt betrayed by Trevik's actions and Esva promised her that she could execute Trevik when the battle was over. The battle turned in Thrawn's favor and Esva murdered the Queen and her attendants. However, he spared Trevik and ordered the Quesoth to bring a message to Thrawn, informing the Admiral that Esva's followers were numerous and that they would hunt down Thrawn. Trevik complied and he informed Thrawn and Senior Captain Voss Parck of Esva's claim.



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