"A...dancer? Atuarre, you're a dancer!"
―Han Solo to Atuarre[src]

The Trianii ritual dance was a native dance of the Trianii race. On joyful occasions and festivals, the dancers would be adorned with multicolored streamers about their wrists, forearms, knees, throat, and forehead. With the accompaniment of a 'whistle-flute' the Trianii were bedecked with 'finger-cymbals' and anklet-chimes. The females would apply the exotic perfumes and formal scents of their species. The dance appeared primitive with its sinuous spinning, stalking, and pouncing movements. In fact, its ancient forms were exacting, demanding a dancer's full concentration, which explained the trance-like state the dancers seemed to be in while performing. The movements required perfection from the artist, as well as a deep love for the dance itself.