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Triaz Kirr was a female Souma who owned the Kirr Ltd. trading posts at the time of the Galactic Civil War. At first, Kirr helped the Rebel Alliance launch the Tlan-Kirr supply network, but she turned coat and started working for the Galactic Empire, the authoritarian regime that the Alliance opposed. Eventually, Triaz Kirr's deception was revealed, and both she and her company fell in disgrace.


A female of the Souma species, Triaz Kirr hailed from the world of Soum. She was the director of the Kirr Ltd., which owned a number of trading posts established galaxy-wide. Following the rise of the Galactic Empire, Kirr feared that the new government would gain a stranglehold on her business, which prompted her to join the resistance movement known as the Rebel Alliance. With her numerous brokers that could double as intelligent agents, the Souma was a great asset to the Alliance, although her obedience lacked sincerity.[1]

With the Alliance, Kirr helped launching the Tlan-Kirr network, a series of hidden warehouses that provided support for Rebel raids in remote systems. The network was placed under the surveillance of both Rebel troops and a mercenary unit known as the Fire Demons.[1]

With the passing of time, Kirr ceased believing that the Rebel Alliance could ever get the upper hand against the Empire, and she decided to switch sides. She contacted the Imperial Intelligence, and the Empire agreed to pardon her in exchange for the Tlan-Kirr network. Subsequently, the Souma became a double-agent, acting for both the glory of the Empire and her own profit.[1]

After revealing the location of the network's warehouses, Kirr spread the blame to the Fire Demons. In doing so, the Souma hoped that the Rebels would act in retaliation against the mercenaries. With the only witnesses of her betrayal dead, Triaz Kirr could keep working for the Empire in secret. However, a group of Rebel agents that had been tasked with locating the Fire Demons ended up discovering the hidden truth. Subsequently, Triaz Kirr and her company fell into disfavor, while the Fire Demons agreed to join the Alliance for only one credit a day.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Not a revolutionary at heart, Kirr had only joined the Rebellion out of personal interest. She cared for the preservation of her company, but not so much for the future of the galaxy in general. Kirr was also effectively deceptive, as she was able to hide her real intents from the Rebels officers she worked with.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The character of Triaz Kirr only appeared in Les démons de feu, a roleplaying adventure published in the 25th issue of French gaming magazine Graal.


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