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The Triellus Trade Route was the most notable hyperspace trade route of the Outer Rim Territories.[1] It was a hyperlane that connected the Sisar Run with the area in the Outer Rim Territories near Tatooine.


Beginning in the Mid Rim and dipping rimward of Hutt Space before emerging the Corellian Run in the Mid Rim, it spanned more than 75000 light years.

Due to its proximity to Hutt Space, it was named the "Hutt Highway".[1] One of the larger spurs of the route was the 5709-DC Shipping Lane. It informally split the Arkanis sector.

It consisted one of the three sides of the infamous Spice Triangle (with the Death Wind Corridor and the Corellian Run).[1]


Travel times along it were slow, plagued by pirates, slavers and other criminals who made their career; usually it was avoided by lawful spacers.

In 137 ABY, Black Sun pirates led by the Cathar captain Dovrin hijacked an Imperial shipping vessel in the 5709-DC Shipping Lane.[3]

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