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Trill Dantor was a Gotal male who was part of a rebel group led by the Mon Calamari Rutralli Optor. Operating in the Trax sector, Optor's group was not affiliated with the Alliance to Restore the Republic. During the Galactic Civil War, the group hijacked the luxury liner Telgordo's Pride, marooning most of the passengers and crew before heading to the planet Bundim, which they believed was a safe port, intending to sell the ship to buy smaller, better armed, vessels. Upon arrival, they found a Star Destroyer in the system, forcing them to change their plans and pretend that nothing was amiss aboard the Telgordo's Pride; the group began to take on passengers and cargo in an effort to appear legitimate and leave the system without incident. Dantor acted as the ticket agent, screening potential passengers with his natural Gotal senses.


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