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"Die, clone scum!!"
―Mrs. Katos[src]

The banker Trillan Katos had a Human female wife. With Trillan, she had two sons. When their planet was subjugated to the Clone Wars, Katos's wife shared her planet's anti-Republic stance. However, as opposed to participating in a battle against the Republic, she followed her husband's lead as they tried to leave their town. However, when they made it to a town plaza, they were caught in the crossfire of Republic and Confederate troops. When the droids killed the clone troopers, their cannon, and by extension their squad, was destroyed by Wes Apice. Wes, along with his brother Bryn and their friend Rayt, a friend of the Katos family, then went to intercept Katos's wife and her family. Not recognizing them due to their clone trooper disguises, she and her family tried to kill Rayt and his friends. No one was killed in the confrontation.