"All of us know the dangers of trilom and none of us want to live like that. Once the trilom poisoning takes effect, everything we once were is dead."
―Chief Armstrong[src]

Trilom was a dangerous gas. It built in pockets below the surface of the volcanic world on Mustafar and was a constant source of danger for the local miners. Once inhaled, it caused massive aggression, delusions and paranoia. After that, it led to a slow and painful death. Under the influence of trilom, the poisoned beings could travel a long ways off, fighting everything they saw until they died. There was no known cure.

Miners of Mustafar were equipped with breathing gear to protect against the trilom. But despite the gear and training, it still happened that miners or even whole mining crews got caught without their gear and suffered from trilom poisoning. The poisoned miners were killed by the Mustafarians to relieve them from their pain and avoid any harm they might have done to others.

In 1 ABY Chief Armstrong lost three of his crews to trilom poisoning. After he and his colleagues had to kill two mining crews, he couldn't stand killing another group of his miners. So he paid a spacer to go to the poisoned miner's camp and end their suffering. All miners were equipped with homing devices to help find them in case of an emergency, so the spacer could use the tracking computer to track their locations.