Trin sticks was a game of chance and skills, played with a large tub of long sticks. Each end of a stick consisted of one of four colors: red, blue, green or yellow. The objective of the game was to see how well one could form a geometric shape from their six sticks. Up to five sticks could be discarded back into the tub, the player drawing the same number. The sticks were chosen at random, the players concealing one end of each stick as they displayed their hands, betting on how well they thought they could do, quite similar to sabacc.[1]

To form a shape, the colors on the ends had to match, red to red, blue to blue, etc. Larger/more complex shapes were worth more, but also involved rarer stick combinations. The best possible hand was two triangles, called "trin".[1]

The Floating Fish casino on Cloud City offered Trin sticks as one of its entertainments,[2] as did the Slippery Eel Casino[1] and Flip of the Credit Casino on Rodia.[3]

Moff Utoxx Prentioch was a poor player of Trin sticks, despite his high opinion of himself.[4]



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