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"The Ganath Cloud. The Trindello system. The Moons of Ovise. Quite the list of scenic locales you've got here, Princess."
―Han Solo looks over the locations Princess Leia Organa hopes to check as potential base locations[src]

The Trindello system was a scenic star system which was considered as a potential location for a new base by the Alliance to Restore the Republic after they evacuated their base on the moon Yavin 4. Princess Leia Organa and the smuggler Han Solo set out in the stolen Imperial Lambda-class T-4a shuttle Invictus to visit the system along with the Ganath Cloud and the Moons of Ovise. During the mission they ran into Imperial TIE/ln space superiority starfighters and were forced to abandon the objective.[1]

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The Trindello system was first mentioned in The Essential Atlas, a Star Wars Legends reference book released in 2009 and written by Jason Fry and Daniel Wallace. The system was confirmed to be canon when it was mentioned in the comic book Star Wars 5: Skywalker Strikes, Part V, which was written by Jason Aaron and released in 2015.


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