The Triple Trouble was a modified freighter, property of and crewed by Xav Verivax.

The Trouble included important smuggling improvements such as apparently solid silver walls without cracks and a hidden panel under the shield controls; however, Verivax only smuggled sporadically. As Verivax was prone to pilot aggressively, making his passengers at best dizzy, he had reinforced the safety harnesses in the passenger seats.

In 32 BBY, Verivax agreed to go to Darkside, a repair station in the Cularin system asteroid belt, to teach a team of smugglers how to hide their contraband, as a paid favor for crimelord Nirama. Verivax also transported there a team of new workers, who were really undercover agents. Once Verivax had taught the smugglers his craft, he proposed a test: He hid some spice in the Trouble and the smugglers hid some holovids in their ship, Laria Bexum. A third party (composed of Verivax's previous passengers) had to search both ships and try to find the sneak.

A rebel faction in Darkside known as The Cell also hid twenty thermal detonators in the same panel, trying to perform a terrorist act.

Behind the scenesEdit

The model of the Triple Trouble is unknown.

The final fate of the Triple Trouble was decided through a poll among the official RPGA player parties: If more than 50% of the player character teams could find the thermal detonators and save the ship, then the ship would be canonically saved.