Trisdin Gheer was one of Ta'a Chume's retainers, at the time of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, as well as a member of the Ni'Korish faction.


Though Trisdin appeared to be wholly loyal to Ta'a Chume, he was in fact a spy for Ta'a Chume's niece, Alyssia. When the Queen's Dathomirian daughter-in-law, Teneniel Djo, began to open up the Hapes Cluster for refugees following the fall of Coruscant, Trisdin suggested that Ta'a Chume locate and train another young woman to replace Teneniel Djo as the wife of her son, Isolder. Ta'a Chume and Trisdin formed many plans, including the murder of Teneniel Djo and the grooming of Jaina Solo to one day become the new Queen Mother. Though they were successful in killing Teneniel Djo, the plan to replace her with Jaina was a failure. Trisdin's end came when Jaina manipulated him into releasing the pirate, Crimpler, who killed him before escaping from prison.



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