Trisjon was a male Moorjhoni who lived on the planet Moorjhone in 20 BBY. His granddaughter Jatenne called him over when she thought that Maul and Savage Opress, who had just arrived on Moorjhoni, were the "Demon in the Light" from his Day of Three Suns prophecy. After Maul was injured in a duel against the Jedi Dray, Judd, and Salmara, he made his way into the desert and was found by a group of Moorjhoni. They brought Maul to Trisjon's tent, who then explained the prophecy of the Day of Three Suns, and Maul's role as the "Demon in the Light". When Trisjon asked to speak to Maul privately about his direction of the people of Moorjhone in the attack on Ja'Boag's mine, he sensed the darkness in Maul, who then used the Force to aggravate Trisjon's heart, killing him.


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