Tristan Pex was a Human male who left Chandrila in the aftermath of the Clone Wars, joining up with the Benelex Guild and becoming a bounty hunter.


During the Galactic Civil War, he returned to his homeworld after a dozen years, attempting to put his former life as a contract killer behind him. He believed that on Chandrila he would be safe from his guild's former adversaries, including the notorious Malkite Poisoners. He became an administrative aide and personal bodyguard for Chandrilan governor Jovive Centi, protecting her from anarchists and fellow politicians alike. Eventually, he was killed with a poisoned dagger, believing himself to be intercepting an attempt on Centi's life. But in reality, the assassin had been Ratambo Gale, a Malkite Poisoner who had been gunning for Pex all along.

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