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"I choose family."
―Tristan to Viceroy Gar Saxon.[src]

Tristan Wren, the brother of Sabine Wren, was a Mandalorian human male. He was the son of Ursa Wren and her husband. After Sabine deserted the Imperial Academy on Mandalore, Tristan was forced to join Gar Saxon's Super Commandos in order to keep their clan's dignity. In 2 BBY, Tristan reunited with his sister Sabine after she and her rebel companions tried to convince Clan Wren to aid the rebellion. When Gar Saxon ordered the destruction of Clan Wren, Tristan chose his family and joined the rebels and Fenn Rau in defeating Saxon and his warriors.



Tristan Wren was the son of Countess Ursa Wren and the brother of Sabine Wren. After Sabine abandoned the Imperial Academy on Mandalore and joined the rebellion, Clan Wren's loyalties to the Empire were called into question. Tristan was forced to join Viceroy Gar Saxon's Imperial Super Commandos in order to prove his family's loyalty to Saxon and the Galactic Empire. His father was also kept a hostage of Saxon on Mandalore to guarantee his family's loyalty. Tristan lived with his mother Ursa on the planet Krownest.[2]

Reunion with SabineEdit

In 2 BBY, Tristan led a patrol of Clan Wren warriors which intercepted and shot down Sabine Wren's shuttle Phantom II. Sabine and her rebel comrades Kanan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger, Fenn Rau, and Chopper were traveling on a mission to Krownest to solicit Clan Wren's support for the rebellion. After the Phantom II crashed on the snow, Tristan and his comrades confronted Sabine, Kanan, and Ezra. Tristan initially did not recognize Sabine because she was wearing her Mandalorian helmet. When Ezra ignited his green lightsaber, Tristan and his companions opened fire, leading to a brief firefight. When he heard Sabine's voice, Tristan ordered a cease fire and removed his helmet.[2]

While Tristan was friendly towards Sabine and her rebel friends and agreed to lead them to the Wren Stronghold, he warned Sabine that he could not vouch for their mother's hospitality. During the journey, Sabine confronted Tristan about his Imperial Super Commando armor. Tristan warned that she should not have returned since her family still regarded her as a traitor. Upon arriving at the Wren Stronghold, Ursa ordered Sabine's incarceration but Sabine managed to convince her mother to grant her and her friends an audience by showing the Darksaber, an important symbol of House Vizsla; of which Clan Wren was a member. Ursa reluctantly acceded to her daughter's request but ordered the rebels to surrender their weapons.[2]

Inside the throne room, Tristan and his warriors maintained a vigil as Ursa appraised her daughter of their family's circumstances. Tristan and his mother regarded the Journeyman Protectors and their leader Fenn Rau as traitors and sought to justify the Protectors' execution by Saxon. After Ursa and Sabine left for a private meeting, the Jedi Rebels Ezra tried to make light conversation with Tristan. However, Kanan insisted on handling the negotiations and told Tristan that he desired an audience with Countess Ursa. Tristan later informed his mother and sister that Gar Saxon was requesting a hologram conversation with Ursa. Still on good terms with Sabine, Tristan invited her for a sparring session in the training room. [2]

While sparring with metal rods, Sabine thanked Tristan for practising with her. When Sabine asked if he thought she was a traitor, Tristan told her he did not think so but that the other clans viewed them with suspicion. Tristan vowed to help restore his family's standing to protect their father. Tristan then informed his sister of their mother's plan to trade the rebels and the Darksaber with Saxon in return for their safety. Tristan followed Sabine to he throneroom where they discovered Gar Saxon and his Super Commandos taking the Jedi rebels and the Darksaber into their custody. When Sabine protested, Tristan told her that it was for the best.[2]

When Ursa demanded that Saxon uphold his side of the bargain, Saxon ordered his men to exterminate Clan Wren for "colluding" with rebels. Tristan protested but Saxon gave him the choice of standing by him or dying with his family. Tristan chose his family and pointed his blaster at Saxon. The Wrens and rebels were aided by Rau, who handed the Jedi their weapons and helped the rebels and Clan Wren defeat Saxon's warriors. Tristan shot the last of Saxon's Super Commandos. Tristan and and the others then watched as Sabine duelled with Saxon on the ice outside their stronghold. Sabine managed to defeat Saxon and reclaimed the Darksaber. However, she spared Saxon's life. When Saxon tried to kill her, Ursa shot him dead.[2]

Sabine's defeat of Saxon regained her family's respect. Sabine and Fenn elected to stay behind with Tristan and his mother to help them reunify the Mandalorian people in the wake of Saxon's death. Tristan and his family watched as Ezra and Kanan departed aboard the Phantom II to rejoin the rebellion. Tristan and the others listened as Sabine vowed to help them find Mandalore's true leader.[2]

Civil WarEdit

Following the death of Gar Saxon, Clan Wren was involved in a civil war against the Imperial-backed Clan Saxon. Clan Wren's forces were stretched thin defending their holdings. When Ezra Bridger and the rebel astromech droid Chopper returned with news of Grand Admiral Thrawn's siege of Chopper Base, Tristan was sympathetic to the rebels but shared his mother Ursa Wren's view that Clan Wren could not assist the rebels. Following some discussion, Ursa relented and allowed Ezra and Sabine to depart with several volunteers and ships.[4]

Personality and traitsEdit

Tristan Wren was a male Mandalorian youth with black hair and brown eyes. He was a capable but conflicted warrior. While Tristan loved his family, he grappled with his sister Sabine's decision to abandon the Imperial Academy and join the rebellion. Tristan was loyal to Clan Wren and sought to protect his family's interests by serving as an Imperial Super Commando. Despite his Imperial alignment, Tristan remained on good terms with his sister and treated with respect and love. When Gar Saxon ordered his family's execution, Tristan chose his family and helped them and their rebel allies defeat Saxon and his Commandos.[2] As a pragmatist, Tristan was sympathetic to the rebels but opined that Clan Wren lacked the resources to render assistance to the rebels at Atollon.[4]

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Tristan Wren was a capable Mandalorian warrior who's skill included marksmanship, melee combat, and the use of Mandalorian armor and vambraces.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

Tristan Wren made his first appearance in "Legacy of Mandalore", an episode of the third season of Star Wars Rebels. He was voiced by Ritesh Rajan.[2] In the early development of the episode, his name was Jona Wren. Sabine having a sibling was an idea the Rebels producers had since during initial development of the show, but they originally intended for her to have a twin sister called Sacha. They eventually changed her sibling's gender and considered introducing him earlier as a Journeyman Protector, but he was replaced by the new character named Fenn Rau.[5]



Notes and referencesEdit

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