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Tritus was a Mere cruiser of the Mere Resistance, commanded by Captain Juno, one of Nym's pirate forces. Tritus was deployed at the Battle of Nod Kartha.

It played a pivotal role in helping the Lok Revenants get past the Orbital Defense Cannons and the Trade Federation fighters. While its sister ship, Kethor, took credit for destroying the shield, Tritus bought the Revenants time to get down to the planet's surface to destroy the Trihexalon factory. After the fighters laid siege to the factory, Tritus played "tug of war" with the Sabaoth Destroyer, Reaver, as they fought for control of a dismantled orbital defense cannon high above the planet's surface. Tritus also led a strike force to destroy Captain Cavik Toth's fleet above Geonosis and later went planetside to help the Jedi forces.


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