"Lieutenant Troax, get a squad of seatroopers into the water immediately! I want those fishheads executed!"
―Commander Sturves[src]

Troax was a female Imperial Army lieutenant who participated in the Skirmish on Dac. She was loyal to Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire and served under Commander Sturves on board the Sea Lion


"The fight/flight deck is flooding, commander."
―Lieutenant Troax to Commander Sturves[src]

Following Emperor Darth Krayt's decree that all the Mon Calamari on Dac were to be exterminated, Troax and the crew of the Sea Lion were dispatched to hunt down Mon Calamari civilians that had fled into the depths of the planet's oceans. The Imperial group eventually came upon a settlement of Mon Calamari refugees, and they dispatched Shark Squadron, a unit of Shark subfighters, to destroy the camp. However, Mon Calamari Rangers under the command of Tanquar, attacked the squadron with their Krakana fighter craft. As the squadron began to take casualties, Commander Sturves ordered Troax to get a group of seatroopers into the water. Troax sent Alpha Squadron to deal with the threat, but they were ambushed by Imperial Knight Treis Sinde upon leaving the Sea Lion; none of the squad survived.

Sinde infiltrated the Sea Lion, badly damaging the docking bay and causing the ship to flood. Troax notified Commander Sturves of the ship taking on water, and Sturves immediately sounded the retreat. Troax recalled Shark Squadron to cover their departure, and the Imperials left the battlefield.

Behind the scenesEdit

Troax played a minor role in the Legacy 32: Fight Another Day, Part 1, the first issue of Star Wars: Legacy's Fight Another Day story arc.