The Trome tree was a famous tree on the forest moon of Endor prized for its sap, which was used as an ingredient in Ewok potions. The Trome tree was also the home of the Tromes, three small humanoid figures with long gray beards. To obtain the sap from the Trome tree, it was apparently necessary to remove a branch from the tree. Due to this, many Endorian creatures had removed the majority of the Trome tree's branches until, by the time of the stranglethorn crisis, there was only one branch remaining. The Trome claimed that the removal of the last branch would kill the tree and their home, and they took to protecting their home by scaring off intruders.

During the stranglethorn crisis, the two Ewoks, Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka and Wicket Wystri Warrick came to the Trome tree to obtain some of its sap but were confronted by the Tromes. After the Tromes explained that the removal of the last branch on their tree would kill their home, Kneesaa agreed not to remove the branch, and the group left the tree to return to Bright Tree Village.