"Uh, hey, Cap'n Creeve. Nuttin' much; jest cleaning' the air intake dealies on this comm unit booster … Uh, I've got my orders here somewhere …"

Troomis was a Human male Alliance to Restore the Republic Intelligence agent.


Troomis was a male Human who served the Alliance to Restore the Republic as an Intelligence agent. His sister had been killed after an altercation with Imperial Captain Creeve. Under the guise of a slovenly, dim-witted but amiable technician, Troomis gathered intelligence of the Alliance, waiting for the chance to reveal himself and revenge himself on Captain Creeve.[1]

By placing a recording device on a comm unit booster in the base he was stationed at, Troomis obtained information about the movement of the Imperial fleet in Oplovis sector, which was preparing an attack on Mantooine. This information was sent on to Alliance Intelligence, and as a result, Chief of Intelligence General Vernan was able to prepare a counterattack to stop the Oplovis Sector Fleet.[1]


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