"And you'll have to sign a waiver, because Tropix Resorts cannot be held responsible for any death, injury, damage, or other untoward incident caused by, or relating to, hunting, fishing or exploration in any area more than ten meters offshore, or beyond a depth of fifty meters—"
―Tropix Resorts Employee[src]

Tropix Island Resort was a resort paradise on the planet Dorumaa. When the planet was terraformed, many dangerous wildlife were thawed along with the ice. But instead of canceling the resort idea, the tourist board marketed it as an opportunity for wild adventure. Many people flock to the resort for its rifi fishing and beaches.

During the hunt for Ko Sai, Kal Skirata, Walon Vau and N-7 went there and investigated. They managed to locate her hidden research facility and after capturing her, blew up the hideout.

Delta Squad, who was after Ko Sai as well, arrived a day later and posed as maintenance crew to blend in and gather information.


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