Tror was a male Twi'lek child who lived on Ryloth during the era of the Clone Wars. Tror, like many Twi'lek children, was sold into slavery by his parents at a young age. Once at the slavers' camp, Tror was placed with another Twi'lek child who was Tror's age, a female named Meeva. Existence at the slavers' camp was full of hardship and at least to Tror, life seemed like it was going to be over before it began.

Tror's misfortune, though, was not to last. A wandering Jedi Master named Vhiin Thorla, discovered the slavers' camp and managed to rescue many of the child slaves, Tror and Meeva amongst them. Master Thorla took Tror and Meeva back to The Enclave, a refuge that Thorla had created for former slaves. The children settled into their new home, and for the first time they could remember, they were happy. A couple months later, Master Thorla introduced Tror and Meeva to another young Twi'lek, a youngster named Dath, whom Thorla had recently rescued from slavers. The three children took to each other quite well, and in just a couple days had become very close friends.