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"I never spoke of the money I diverted long ago to buy this moon — a private sanctum. A redoubt — where if necessary, I might reconstitute a true Covenant. Not just along my mother's beliefs — but embracing my father's as well."
Lucien Draay[src]

The True Covenant was a Jedi organization formed by Lucien Draay after the collapse of his mother Krynda Draay's Jedi Covenant in 3963 BBY.


The group was made up of Jedi working in fields, wearing humble and simple robes. The base of operations was on a moon purchased by Jedi Master Lucien Draay in the event he would ever need to reconstitute his mother Krynda's dissolved covenant.[1]

Unlike the prior Jedi Covenant, which embraced specifically Krynda's beliefs in prophecies and in stopping them no matter the cost, this group's ideals were also based on her husband Barrison Draay's ideals of believing in oneself and not in what others had in mind for them. Lucien did not believe that the prophesied doom could be averted, but they would survive it and the Jedi would continue.[1]


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