"Our people, the True Ubese, have lived in exile long enough, while the yrak pootzck have followed the easy life and usurped our rightful place in the galaxy. It is for honor and justice that we fight."
―From the datafiles of Savax Clan Vorsazg[src]

The so-called "True Ubese" referred to those Ubese on the planet Uba IV who had survived the holocaust inflicted upon the Uba system by the Galactic Republic. These survivors—pathetic, ravaged wretches—eked out a tenuous existence on their devastated homeworld.

Activist groups rescued a small number of the Uba IV survivors and relocated them to the nearby Ubertica system. The True Ubese came to regard these rescued Ubese as the yrak pootzck, a phrase implying impure parentage and cowardly ways. While the True Ubese continued to suffer a meager existence on Uba IV, the rescued Ubese propagated and found their way into the galaxy.

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