"Need any help with this ship?"
"No. Well…sure. I mean…we don't call her the Truly Sorry for nothing."
Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Truly Sorry was a Rebel Alliance spacecraft assigned to Jan Ors' Rebel cell, who operated it alongside Ris Waller and Rosco Ross. At some point, they were joined by the protocol droid A-Cee. The crew eventually settled on the luxury star liner Star of Empire and the Truly Sorry was docked in the cruise ship's hangar.[1]

Eventually, Ors persuaded an Imperial officer named Kyle Katarn to join her and the Rebellion. They were found out by the Rodian bounty hunter Slyder, however, and were forced to make a hasty retreat. When the hangar control disallowed Truly Sorry from disembarking the Star of Empire, Katarn used the ship's weapons to blow up another ship. This prompted the controller to open the hangar doors, allowing Truly Sorry to leave. When Katarn and Ors later accepted the task of flying to the planet Danuta for a Rebel mission, Katarn decided to not use Truly Sorry, and instead chose the Moldy Crow for use.[1]

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